Fill out the details on this form to integrate your Eventbrite event with your WorkCast account. Enabling this integration will ensure that all new registrations on Eventbrite will automatically come through to WorkCast for event access and reporting.

This is the Eventbright event ID for an event and can normally be found on the url of your event.

This is the WorkCast event ID. To get this log into your WorkCast account, find the event you want to push registration to then get the event ID from the url bar.

This is available in your Eventbrite account and normally found with API details.

Your WorkCast API stays the same for your account and is available from our Support team if you don't already have this.

We will use this email to update you after your automated checks are complete. This will typically around 1 minute. Please note that the email address and the details above are only collected to trigger your integration and to notify you regarding this.